Roman Gutek
Born in 1958 in a village near Lublin. Studied at the Department of Management of the University of Warsaw and at the PAN Institute of Arts (seminar in the anthropology of the cinema conducted by prof. Aleksander Jackiewicz). During his studies, he conducted Film Discussion Klub Ubab, and then Hybrydy. During the 80-ties, he organized many reviews, bringing viewers in contact with unknown films of western cinematography, among others, a review of German cinema in 1984. Creator of the Warsaw Film Festival (1985), which he directed to 1992. One of the founders of the Foundation of Film Art an Director of its distribution section (1990-1994). Owns the Gutek Film Company, created in 1994, which is concerned with distributing artistic cinema. Roman Gutek manages the Muranów Cinema in Warsaw, outstanding in its original repertoire. On the Polish market he promoted such directors as: Peter Greenaway, Pedro Almodovar, Lars von Trier, Mike Leigh, Jim Jarmusch, Derek Jarman, Paul Cox, Wong Kar-Wai. During 1995-2000 he was program director of the Film and Artistic Festival - Summer of Films in Kazimierz Dolny. In 2001 in Sanok, he organized a film festival, which since 2002 has been conducted in Cieszyn under the name of New Horizons. Laureate of the Polityka Passport in 2003.