The forthcoming Educationalist in the Young Viewer's Cinema conference is aimed at nursery school, primary school and grammar school teachers, for culture project organisers as well as film instructors and tutors who run film classes and Film Clubs at various cultural establishments. Participants will be recruited through teacher training centres and regional education authorities all of which will be mailed with application forms and detailed information on the conference agenda. Information will be also sent out to participants of past conferences which accompanied previous Ale Kino! Festivals.

In order to prepare young people to be able to participate critically in the present-day audio-visual culture, it is necessary to provide them with suitable education and background. The conference which accompanies the Festival, aimed at teachers, educationalists and culture project organisers and instructors from all over Poland, is to help and support participants in executing their tasks of interdisciplinary education through media education.

The 2003 conference is designed to be nearer to the world of film and cinema rather than to the media in the general sense of the term. For this reason we offer teachers and film course instructors the opportunity of participating in a larger than before number of festival shows for children and the young audience. We aim to present a wide array of film subjects and different means and techniques of film narration. We would like to involve teachers both in the film discourse and in the problems of the present-day cinema aimed at young audiences. Apart from focusing on the actual content of the films being shown with their respective cognitive and educational merit, we also plan sessions with a teacher training specialist from the Ministry of Education and Sports who will help participants to design lessons and classes based on particular films and within the framework of the curricula for individual age groups. Participants will be presented with actual teaching and educational materials prepared based on films available in general circulation. We hope that the feedback from the conference could then be used and developed further for presentation to those children and pupils who have not been able to participate in the Festival.

Additionally, dedicated sessions will be organised to focus on cartoon film techniques and problems related to the form of the film works. Seminar participants will gain useful feedback concerning various animated cartoon and film-making techniques, so that teachers and instructors will be able to discuss with students not only issues related to the world film heritage and the most famous movies, but they will also feel comfortable venturing into the realm of computer animation techniques.

Participation of teachers and instructors in the Ale Kino! Film Festival will provide them with a unique opportunity to meet the makers of films for the young audience from Poland and abroad. Discussions will be held to focus on the image of young people as shown in films, on the problems of the young generation, and on the issues related to the use of film in the education process, so that teachers and educationalists can find their own meaningful place, thus becoming an integral part of the film-maker - teacher - young audience set-up.

The conference will accompany the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! to be held between 2nd and 6th of June. During these five days participants of the seminar sessions will be able to attend the festival film shows (at the Multikino cinema centre) and take part in daily workshops touching upon different subjects (at the \84Zamek\94 Centre of Culture).