Gísli Snar Erlingsson
Born in 1964 in Reykjavik. In 1986 he began working for Islandic Television (RUV) as a scriptwriter and host for a TV comedy program for children and youth, directed by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Later he worked as assistant director and production manager, and in 1988 he began his television apprenticeship in Swedish Television (STV). During the years 1988-1990, he produced and directed television programs for RUV. He then began studies at FEMIS (Institut de Formation et d'Enseignement pour les Métiers de L'image et du Son) in Paris. While still in the course of his studies, he directed many short and advertising films. His full-length feature film début was in 1993 with Stuttur Frakki (Behind Schedule). Among others, he directed: Benjamin Dúfa (Benjamin Dove, 1993), Thrir morgnar (Three mornings, 1995), Hnefinn (The Fist, 1995), The East End of the World (documentary, 1997), From City to Sea (documentary, 1999) and the feature film Ikíngut (2001). He is presently working on three feature film projects.